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Green New Deal UK

Une courte vidéo pour Green New Deal UK avant les élections de 2019 au Royaume-Uni pour canalyser la colère des jeunes vers le vote “pour ce qui a vraiment de l’importance”.



While we were marching, they looked away, but we know there is no more time to waste.“The world is nowhere near its target of keeping the rise in average, global temperatures.” “Ten hottest years on record have all taken place since 2002”.


To avoid the worst, we need to change everything! 

Starting with those in power.

Because it’s not all about Brexit. “The very livability of our planet is at stake”.

Let’s make these elections about what really matters.



Plus d’informations sur Green New Deal UK:

Écrit et réalisé par Marta Soscinzka, pour Avaaz en 2019.

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