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Sustainable Investments in Tourism in Myanmar

The Poverty-Environment Initiative

Myanmar received around 3 million international visitors in 2014, one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the Asia Pacific region. The country’s great natural beauty, historic monuments and rich cultural heritage are seen as untapped potential, thus attracting investment. While this will bring more economic opportunities and create new jobs, it’s important to assess how investment will impact existing livelihoods, especially those of the poorest. In the rush to maximize investment opportunities, strong policies and good practices are needed to minimise the challenges of environmental damage, pollution, land grabbing, and the loss of traditional ways of life, which are interconnected with one another.   

PEI’s work in Myanmar promotes awareness-raising about “quality” investments - investments that are people-centered and which value the well-being of our planet as much as financial benefits. Quality investments strike a balance between the economic gains to be made in a sector with the socio-environmental impacts of a project. Quality investments in the booming tourism sector in Myanmar can ensure that in the long run, while economic gains are achieved, a sustainable and inclusive future is also ensured. 



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Directed by Marta Baraibar.

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