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Public Expenditure Review in the Environment Sector in Mozambique

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In 2012, MICOA conducted a Public Expenditure Review in the Environment Sector. From 2005 to 2010, spending on the environment averaged 3.5 billion per year, or 4.3% of the state budget and 1.4% of GDP. This is well below the requirements needed to significantly reduce the losses that the Mozambican economy is facing due to environmental degradation.


After the dissemination of IPMA results, the Ministry of Finance pointed out two environmental focal points and introduced a budget code for climate change. This will allow for greater control over government spending on and adaptation to and mitigation of climate change. In addition, MICOA has decided to ensure that existing budget codes for the sustainable use of natural resources, such as the code related to land management and physical and environmental planning, are used to better control public spending.

Directed by Marta Baraibar.

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