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WHO ARE WE?, a unique audiovisual production company that is committed to exclusively supporting organizations that work for social and environmental causes, or for educational purposes.

Formerly (2015-2022), Atypicalist has had several lives already. Today, it is a flexible structure, coordinated by Rémi Cans and whose workforce varies according to the projects.

Our entire team, in addition to being creative and talented professionals in their respective fields, are personally activists in favor of a fairer world and more respectful of the environment. Their struggles are as diverse as their skills are multiple: climate action, protection of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, zero waste, medical access for all, humanitarian…

We mention our political commitment because it seems important to us to create a professional virtuous circle among the people who commit themselves to the defense of the common good: We choose our team members, not only on their skills, but also on their activist commitment.

Here are a few people we loved working with and whom we wholeheartedly recommend.

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