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We consider that the communicators have a societal role and play a part in changing the perception of society. We take a stand in this sense, adopting an inclusive and intercultural approach, by systematically respecting the balance of gender and ethnic representation, and the balance of social representation (women and ethnic minorities in roles of power) as well as  including a diversity of morphological representations and avoiding stereotypes.


We like to compare working with us with buying local and organic food: You participate to avoid social and environmental problems - avoiding working with agencies that sell their know-how to capitalist and life-destroying companies - while rewarding committed entrepreneurs. But the comparison stops there: working with us is not more expensive.

Atypicalist gives organizations working for fairer world the opportunity to collaborate with a creative service provider in line with their values.

Read our Manifesto

Very humbly, we are stepping forward to another stage of our professional commitment : We position ourselves,  as a privileged communicator for organizations working for the common good.

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