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A European project aiming to facilitate access to prevention, protection and support for migrant women in Europe who are confronted with gender-based violence.

Migrant women face a continuum of gender violence. Among these, female genital mutilation, sexual violence, partner violence, marriage forced, human trafficking ... For each person, different needs.

On European soil, support services exist but are not always easy to access. There are many obstacles and in practice it is sometimes impossible to get help.

The goal of the ACCESS project is to improve the prevention, protection and support of migrant women in Europe facing different types of gender-based violence. The acronym "ACCESS" refers to the Appropriate Community-based Care and Empowering Support Services formula.

I am expecting a girl. How great!

But my heart is heavy. What if she was to go through what I did?


My daughter is 7.

I was cut at that age.

I am afraid.

I have flashbacks.

I don’t want her to feel the pain.


How can I protect her?


I heard about a girl’s arranged marriagewithin our community.

I panicked.

I experienced it.

And soon, my daughter will be of age…


We want what’s best for our children.

We want them to have a good life.We want them to blossom.


I belong to a community, which is great.

We help each other out. My community is at the centre of my life.

I can’t avoid it. They tell me what to do. I don’t have a choice. They decide for me, for my daughter. But it hurts inside.

In Europe, female genital cutting and forced marriage are forbidden. The law is on your side to protect your daughter.


You are in this situation?

You want a way out?

You can secure a better future for your daughter.


Specialist services will support your fightfor your own and your daughter’s well-being. In all discretion.


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A GAMS belgium co-production with The InkLink and Atypicalist ( formerly Boniato Studio) with the support of Fondation de France.


Project coordinator - Daniela Bishop

Project manager - Laure Garancher, Marie Paule Noel (The InkLink)

Direction - Rémi Cans

Script Editors - Laure Garancher, Marie Paule Noel, Daniela Bishop

Production Assistant - Celine Heim

Art Director - Yannick Corboz

Storyboard - Yannick Corboz

Animation - Rémi Cans, Dabid Pascual

Composer - Inés Mirás Vieites

Sound Design - Vincent Bucher

Voice over - Fatimetou Sow, Madina Ibrahim, Mariama Diallo, Paloma Timmerman Neira, Ruta Solomon Fitiwi, Carolina Neira Vianello, Feven Tsehaye Tekle, Barratou Kann, Fayza Farhan Saïd, Safia Sefiani, Fatoumata Binta Bah, Ayan Said Elmi, Hasna Isse and Idil

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