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Beyond Conflict Foundation

How we see and interact with the world is influenced by our brain. It constantly scans our environment, interprets incoming information, and coordinates our responses. Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are the result.  We often believe our feelings and behaviors are something we can control just by thinking, but the truth is, there are many processes taking place behind the scenes that we don’t have direct access to.

Our brains are like an elephant with a rider on top. Logic and reason are the Rider: analytical and deliberate. 

Our instincts and emotions are the Elephant: powerful and impulsive. We are usually unaware of the elephant’s motivations or what it will do next.


As humans, we are diverse, but we have many commonalities, we all have a brain. Understanding how Our brains work creates a new path forward, it gives us power to change ourselves, and power to build peaceful societies


Learn more about Brain 101 in this video for the Beyond Conflict foundation.



The emerging fields of brain and behavioral science, combined with 25 years of real-world experience, offer a powerful new approach to conflict resolution, reconciliation and positive social change in the United States and abroad.


Beyond Conflict has created powerful and innovative frameworks to open pathways for progress in peace talks, transitions to democracy, and national reconciliation in the aftermath of division and violence in over 75 countries. 


Learn more about Beyond Confict :

Video produced by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio) in 2021


Direction Rémi Cans
Project Manager Louise Annaud

Script writers Marta Soszynska, Ana Eira
Direction artistique Renaud Lavency

Storyboard Renaud Lavency
Animation Dabid Pascual, Fanny Zirnhelt
Sound Designer Jean-Baptiste Montmartin
Voice Over Bryarly Bishop

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