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A healthcare kit to combat malaria
Malakit is a project whose objective is to combat Malaria in the north east amazonian rainforest where gold minors and local population suffer from an endemic development of the disease.

Our work was to produce a short-film whose aim is to teach about how malaria works and indicate where locals can find the free malaria healthcare kit provided by the Malakit initiative.

With the help of Maylis Douine (Clinical Investigation Center of Cayenne) and Laure Garancher, on the field, we created a video directly focused on the centers of interest of the gold miners (women, football ...), to improve the delivery of the message.

To know more about the Malakit:

Gender question.
We are gender equality friendly and we try to avoid stereotypes. In that case, we had to follow guidelines from the project and design a woman with a shorty and boots. This is the way they dress there. Yes, in the middle of the jungle.



Video produced by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio) in 2018.



Project Lead - Maylis Douine

Script writers - Rémi Cans, Maylis Douine, Laure Garancher

Direction, storyboard, Art direction - Rémi Cans

Character animation - Viviane Guimaraes

Motion design and video edition - Davy Dumartheray

Translator - Maria Bernardes

Music and Sound design -  Henri-Pierre Pellegrin

Voice actors - Maria Bernardes, Henrique Távora, Cassio Welter Leitao

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