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End FGM Eu 

The CHAIN for Change Campaign is designed towards affected communities and highlights the consequences of FGM and EFM. Building on the concept of ”local intervention chains” at the core of the CHAIN project, the videos aim at convincing parents and affected communities to stop the generational cycle of violence by saying “No” to both harmful practices.

Traditions and a Harmful Practice is based on the difference between traditions - which are to be celebrated - and FGM, which is a harmful practice that must end. People from various backgrounds and various religions are debunking the rationales behind this practice and warning of its serious consequences.

A co-production between Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio), The

InkLink and End FGM Eu, and with the participation of affected community members to raise awareness without judgement and with a care for cultural sensitivity. With the support of the European Commission and EqualBrussels.

Let’s take care of them, let’s stop FGM.

One generation can break the cycle.


More information about End FGM Eu

More information about The Ink Link

More information about End FGM Eu

More information about The Ink Link

Video produced by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio) in 2021.



Director - Rémi Cans

Script - Laure Garancher 

Project manager -  Jordan Jeandon

Production Assistant - Karim Lemond

Art Director & Storyboard  - Rémi Cans & Marine Hennes

Graphic Designer - Marine Hennes

Animator - Pierre-Alain Dubois, Dabid Pascual, Fanny Zirnhelt

Video Edition - Pierre-Alain Dubois, Dabid Pascual

Composer - Inés Mirás Vieites

Sound Designer - Jean Baptiste Montmartin

Sound Engineer - Adrien schockert


Rachael Warren-Allen

Sandrine Henry Real

Hanna Kent Feldhaus

Alessia Leluzzi

Begonya Ferrer

Idil H

Fayza Souleiman

Meera Ghani

Isabela Mihalache

Feven Tsehaye Tekle

Hawa Diallo


End FGM Eu Team

Director Anna Widegren

Coordinator of Programmes Isma Benboulerbah 

Communications Officer Myriam Mhamedi

Communication assistant Elena Achótegui Sebastián 

These videos were created as part of the CHAIN project, coordinated by Terre des Femmes and in collaboration with ActionAid Italy, Equipop, Save a Girl Save a Generation. These videos were produced with the participation of members of FGM and EFM affected-communities and with the support of the European Commission and EqualBrussels.

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