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Les Supers Pouvoirs de l’Océan

France Nature Environnement


France Nature Environnement (FNE) is the French federation of associations for the protection of nature and the environment. It is the spokesperson for a movement of 6,209 associations throughout France, both in metropolitan and overseas territories. As part of its participation in the television programme Les Superpouvoirs de l'Océan - broadcast on France 2 on 28 November 2023 - FNE has launched an appeal for donations to fund 9 projects run by its members.


The challenge of this project - which focused on the preservation of oceans, seas, coastlines and the biodiversity they harbour - was to present the projects in a dynamic and inspiring video, while encouraging the audience to fund the projects before, during and after the programme.

To thank donors and give them more information about each projects, FNE wanted to produce a second video to share widely on their social networks and those of association partners.


The management of marine areas, seas and oceans is crucial to meeting the challenges of climate change. These areas capture as much atmospheric CO2 as all terrestrial areas and have exceptional capacities. It is vital to protect them from the harmful effects of global warming and human activities such as plastic pollution, toxic waste and overfishing.

What we did:

For this video campaign, combining live action and motion design, we designed a unique and original artistic direction to meet FNE's objectives (encouraging donations and stimulating associations).


We also organised the filming logistics to meet some of the 11 association partners - in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, on the Sommes bay, in the Pays Basques, in Cannes and in Antibes - and capture images of their actions and their mobilisation to limit the environmental consequences of anthropic activity. These interviews and footage complemented the rushes provided by FNE, enabling us to produce a high impact 2.30 minute video and a 4 minutes Thank-You video.


Thanks to the communication actions implemented by FNE as part of this appeal for donations, including this video campaign, the association raised more than 1.2 million euros, and substantially increased its membership base.

For more information about France Nature Environnement or to make a donation.

Discover the press release and the 9 associative projects to preserve biodiversity

Watch the Thank-You video

Video produced by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio) in 2023.


France Nature Environnement Project lead(s) - Lisa Roche

Art Direction & Animation Direction - Rémi Cans

Project Lead - Rémi Cans

Production Assistant - Laura Kapdebo ?

Sound Design - Jean-Baptiste Montmartin

Voice Over - Hyppolit Audouy

Script Writer : Rémi Cans 

Video Editor : Valentin Rabiant & Héloïse Haddad 

Camera Operator : Valentin Rabiant & Lucas Roxo

Motion Designer : Jacques Dupont 

JRI : Lucas Roxo

Droniste : Stéphane Jamme

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