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How a song saved a species

In the 60’s, the commercial whale hunting caused the whale population to fall by an estimated 90% from what it used to be in the XIX century. The discovery of Roger Payne and his team, that whales are intelligent animals and who play a crucial role in maintaining the ocean healthy, contributed a to a creation of a global movement which led, years later, to a moratorium on industrial whaling.


More information about Roger Payne

More information about Song of the humpback whales

Roger Payne's NGO | Ocean Alliance Conservation

Video produced by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio) in 2020.


Design & Direction - Rémi Cans

Production Assistant - Celine Heim

Script Editors - Marta Soszynska, Victoria Mardon, Simon Arnold, Rémi Cans

Storyboard - Rémi Cans, Constance Tailleur

Animation - Pauline Champetier, Dabid Pascual

Voice over - Chris Stewart

Composer - Inés Mirás Vieites

Sound Design - Fabien Bolzinger

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