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Plus jamais ça ! - Our world's board game

The Covid-19 crisis offers an unprecedented and yet historic opportunity to reshuffle cards of influence in our world’s order … therefore, changing it by the rules. Our studio associated to the “Plus jamais ça” (“Never Again”) tribune’s signatory organizations, standing for a most social, ecological, feminist and democratic “after-world”. 

The sixteen organizations behind this initiative demand immediate actions but also long terms policies. They stand for a thorough overhaul of the system, breaking its ties with neoliberalism. 

Atypical (formerly Boniato studio) joins the movement by inviting as many people as possible to sign on their petition. 


Read the tribune (French)

Sign the Petition



On first initiative of "Plus jamais ça"

Action Non-Violente COP 21, Alternatiba, Attac France, CCFD Terre Solidaire, Confédération paysanne, CGT, Convergence nationale des Services Publics, Fédération syndicale unitaire (FSU), Fondation Copernic, Greenpeace France, les Amis de la Terre France, Oxfam France, Reclaim Finance, Unef, Union syndicale Solidaires,

Video produced by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio) in 2020.


Executive Production - Louise Annaud

Production Assistant - Chloe Duval

Direction - Rémi Cans

Script - Boniato Studio

Storyboard & Art Direction - Rémi Cans

Colorscript - Sixtine Dano

Graphics - Rémi Cans & Nathalie Ragondet

3D modelisation & animation - Arnaud Huck

2D Animation - Sixtine Dano, Rémi Cans, Dabid Pascual

Video Edition - Dabid Pascual

Sound Design - Raphaël Monnin

Music - Inés Mirás Vieites

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