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Kigali, a green clean city

The Poverty-Environment Initiative

Kigali, a green clean city

After suffering a genocide, and remarkably reconciling a whole nation, the people of Rwanda seem to have been empowered to achieve extraordinary things.   

The city of Kigali coupled with innovative private initiatives are converting Rwanda's capital in one of cleanest, greenest and safest cities in Africa.  

Eco-plastic and Coped are two of the private initiatives that have bourgeoned in this favourable environment.

This pioneer initiatives demonstrate that sound management of natural resources shouldn't be seen as a constrain but rather as an opportunity to increase human wellbeing.  

In 2013, Rwanda PEI supported a series of workshops across Rwanda on how the private sector can tap into the business opportunities that are presented by a greener development path.

Green business models that provide jobs to the poor is an important factor to make real the path to sustainability that Rwanda has embarked upon.

Directed by Marta Baraibar.

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