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UNEP and the MAP Barcelona Convention

The Med Programme is a part of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) which focuses on the Mediterranean sea, and aims at lowering land-based pollution, enhancing sustainability and climate Resilience, protecting Marine Biodiversity, and facilitating knowledge management.

This animated video was made to present the program and its partners, as well as raise awareness on the Mediterranean sea's current at risk situation, and call key actors to join forces in a coordinated effort to restore the Mediteranean’s health and safety for its inhabitants.

To learn more about the Med Programme : .

​For more information about the United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) :

​For more information about the MAP Barcelona Convention:



Director - Rémi Cans

Script - Rémi Cans, Lucilla Minelli

Project manager - Olfat Hamdan
IW Consultant - Matthew Lagod

Art Director & Storyboard - Rémi Cans

Graphic Designer - Fanny Zirnhelt

Animator - Dabid Pascual

Composer - Inés Mirás Vieites

Sound Designer - Jean Baptiste Montmartin

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