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Mighty Earth

The Cerrado has become a global hotspot for deforestation linked to the meat industry. Because of soy : the most imported agricultural raw material in Europe. 


Today, soy  has one of the largest negative footprints on natural ecosystems. Therefore, if we do not include its protection in the new EU Deforestation legislation and in corporate policies, we will miss the main impact on these crucial biomes. And especially on the Cerrado, neighbor of the Amazon, which covers 25% of Brazil and is home of indigenous people and many local communities.

The cerrado provides habitat to 5% of the world’s plants and animals including endangered species such as the giant anteater, the  maned wolf and the jaguar. It is also considered an upside-down forest that stores an amount of carbon equivalent to a tropical rainforest! and it’s essential for water production.

The new European zero deforestation regulation prohibits the import of products resulting from the deforestation of forests but not from the conversion of other ecosystems. Theses OWL aren’t considered forest and although the President Lula pledged to save the Amazon, the conversion of the Cerrado has exploded… and the soy sector is far from being mature, unlike the palm oil sector.

So we must act now if we don’t want this forgotten jewel to be destroyed by the meat industry.

The new European deforestation law must include all natural ecosystems in the European regulation on imported deforestation.

And meat and dairy companies must cut  ties with suppliers destroying the cerrado.

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Video produced by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio) in 2023.


Mighty Earth Project lead - Boris Patentreger

Art Direction & Animation Direction - Rémi Cans

Project Lead - Mathilde Delfosse-Legat

Production Assistant - Sacha Cerqui

Storyboard - Charles Duchesne & Rémi Cans

Animation - Dabid Pascual

Composer - Inés Mirás Vieites

Sound Design - Jean-Baptiste Montmartin

Voice over - Begonya Ferrer (Español), Rachael Warren-Allen (English), Naomi Abe (German), Adinda Bruining (Dutch), Sixtine Dano (French)

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