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Pacte pour la Transition

Collectif pour la Transition Citoyenne

During the last municipal elections, nearly sixty organizations and thousands of citizens worked together to create le Pacte pour la Transition (Pact for Transition). An initiative to inspire and support local residents and elected officials who wish to work to transform our municipalities.


Le Pacte pour la Transition is

  • 32 measures in favor of ecological, social and democratic transition, applicable at the level of a municipality.

  • A digital platform and a dedicated team to link, equip and support participants in the implementation of these measures.


Following the mobilization of hundreds of citizen collectives across France, majority elected officials from nearly 300 municipalities have already committed to implementing concrete and ambitious measures during this mandate.

More information on Pacte pour la Transition :
More information on Collectif pour la transition Citoyenne :

The Collectif pour la Transition Citoyenne (Collective for a Citizen Transition) - at the initiative of le Pacte pour la Transition - is a network of 31 NGOs committed to ecological, social and democratic transition. Independent, non-partisan and secular, who works to coordinate the actions of its members in order to make the transition more resonant

Video produced by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio) in 2021.



Direction Rémi Cans
Script Rémi Cans, Mai-Ahn Tran

Art Direction et storyboard Yann Favre & Rémi Cans
Animation Yann Favre & Rémi Cans
Sound design Jean-Baptiste Montmartin

Music Inés Mirás

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