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Sherubtse college builds “the future we want” in Bhutan

The Poverty-Environment Initiative

In the far east of Bhutan, a day and a half journey from Timphu, surrounded by majestic mountains stands Sherubste College, one of the most prestigious institutions of the kingdom of the thunder dragons.


With the support of the Joint Support Programme, Sherubste College has developed an Environment Climate Change and Poverty (ECP) curriculum that will start in July 2015 for final year students of the Bachelor in Environmental Studies.


The Curriculum includes pioneer teachings such as economic valuation of ecosystem services or Strategic Environmental Assessments.



The module will be offered as an optional module to graduates from other faculties as well, such as economics or sociology. Many challenges lie ahead.


Sherubtse College has taken a crucial step to ensure that its graduates are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow and well trained to play their small part in the conservation of Bhutan’s pristine environment, and hence ensure the wellbeing of future generations of Bhutanese.

Directed by Marta Baraibar.

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