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The French Territorial Structured Dialogue is a method aiming to improve the effectiveness of public policies by promoting dialogue with citizens and civil society in their design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Many forms of dialogue existed before the territorial structured dialogue: Youth councils, votes, demonstrations, conferences, consultations... The idea is not to question these forms of dialogue but to find an architecture for the organizers and put them in synergy. To be put shortly : to structure them!


Promoting the civic participation of young people on subjects that concern them makes it possible to develop social skills, a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, a sense of initiative, a critical spirit, as well as communication skills and negotiation, a sense of compromise, respect for the opinions of others. Understanding and participating in the development of a more transparent, open and inclusive decision-making process, thus beginning this long path towards a democracy truly built by all.


More information about the CNAJEP

More information on the DST

A video produced for CNAJEP by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio)

Video produced by Atypicalist (formerly Boniato Studio) in 2022.


CNAJEP Project lead - Charlotte Lachaize

Art Direction & Animation Direction - Rémi Cans

Project Lead - Mathilde Delfosse-Legat

Production Assistant - Sacha Cerqui

Graphics - Rémi Cans, Marine Hennes

Storyboard - Marine Hennes

Animation - Dabid Pascual

Sound Design - Jean-Baptiste Montmartin

Voice over - Marie Nedjar

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