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An activist studio for a more democratic, united and environmentally respectful world.It is a small developing organization that produces videos with a mix of internal creation, and external backup, with the help of freelancers.

Our videos are made of original graphics and unique ideas to share your message in the most efficient way possible.


You might not know it yet, but creating an animated video is a complex, tedious, and time-consuming process.

And whatever the complexity of your project, at least 8 people will participate in the making of your video, each of them having specific skills.

And you might think of the multi-tasking artist myth, able of doing everything at the speed of light. In reality, versatility is rarely a guarantee of quality: a Storyboarder-Illustrator or a Graphic Designer-Animator won't be good in any of these fields. In the same way that a Motion Designer will be unable to animate a character in a traditional way, and a traditional 2D animator won't have the editing skills of the Motion Designer. As a result, specialized professionals are needed to ensure quality and on-time deliveries.

Here are some of the key roles required to produce an animated video at Atypicalist.



Project manager


Art director

Script writter


Character designer

Background designer


Video Editor


Graphic designer

Animation director



      Motion Design

      Cut Out animation

      2D traditional animation

      3D Animation

FX animator


Sound Designer


Voice-over actor/actress


Colorimetry artist

Polishing expert (Rendeman)

Subtitles editor


The roles in bold are found in 95% of the videos, the others are optional, according to the definition of the project.


To make sure you are satisfied with our service throughout the production of your video, we validate with you each of the 7 following validation steps.



After conducting an investigative work, we will validate the script together, ensuring that all your key messages are shared.



We will study your corporate identity and design two illustrations to find the visual identity which suits you the best.


We will evaluate several visual storytellings to share your message and we will submit the one that we think is most appropriate.



Based on both the artistic direction and the storyboard. We will validate each illustration together.


We will show you the work-in-progress so that you can give your feedback on the quality and fluidity of the animation. And once the video fully animated, we will submit it to you for validation before moving onto the next step.


SOUNDWORK (Musique/Voices/Sound Design)
It gives the almost-final-shape to the video. We will make sure together that you are fully happy with the sound environment.



we will apply the post production effects to give its final shape to your video.


We will deliver your video in various video resolutions so you can choose which one to show, according to your needs.

During the validation step, we pause the production to submit the Work-In-Progress (WIP).

Also, we can proceed to two rework requests per step. Beyond this, it will be necessary to estimate an extra quote depending on the additional workload.

For example: We submit the WIP at the Artistic direction step, to the Nicolas Hulot Foundation's project manager. After discussion with his team, we receive the following request: "In the image 2, the characters are not visible enough in the scene. The parity is not respected, it needs an additional female character. The colors should be warmer".

We then consider the Background design, the Image composition and the Staging validated. We make the retakes and deliver the version 2. After discussion with his team, we receive the following request: "For there to be a representation of ethnic diversity, the new female character must come from sub-Saharan Africa and have more shapes".

All the rest (Colors, Design of the sets, Staging, Image composition...) is considered validated. We make the retakes and deliver the version 3. Once validated, the production resumes.

Production is linear. We can not make changes at an advanced stage without this having repercussions on all the previous stages. That's why validation steps are very important. If you want a modification on a previously validated step, then, we will need to estimate an additional quote for the change depending on the complexity and feasibility of it.

For example: We are about to validate the soundwork stage, and you want a script modification. It involves reworking all the previous production steps: 5. Animation, 4. Graphics, 3. Animatic, and 1. Story Telling. We will have to estimate the extra cost of this change based on the extra workload and the new deadline.


According to many criteria which determine the technical definition of your project, we will establish an optimal production schedule. We will send it to you as soon as the production starts and we will keep you informed of the progress.

Production duration  = The time we need to produce your video + The time you need to give back your feedback.

Since production is linear, we can not go to the next step until we have your validation. So the production is paused during the validation steps. Together, at the beginning of production, we will define the duration you need to give us a feedback, generally from one day to one week, in order to define the production schedule.

Note: If it takes 5 days for your teams to validate a stage, the total production time = The time we need to produce your video + (7 validation steps x 5 days) = The time we need to produce your video + 7 weeks.


Our quotes are estimated regarding several criterium whose principals are : the technique and graphics, the duration, the complexity of the scenario, and the time allowed to the production. With the information you transmitted to us, we calculate an estimate of the time required, in working days, for the completion of each task, by each stakeholder on the project.

Here is a quick video guide to help us understand your expectations.

The information in the bottom left corner of the video tells you the level of graphics and animation quality.At the bottom right is indicated the animation technique.


Take notes of the time code or technical specifications so that we can understand your needs, estimate a quote, and discuss it.


We are looking forward to learn more about your project!


To use the video according to your needs, you need to own the copyrights.

The limits of copyright assignment are defined by both parties in a contractual agreement.
This agreement will give you all the rights to freely use, share and broadcast the video. However, we usualy exclude the rights of derived use from all or part of the Work for the purpose of producing commercial products or exploiting it in the form of a trademark

This just means that you can not sell mugs or t-shirts with full or parts of the designs we produced for this video.

Except that, you can freely use the video as you see fit!

Do not hesitate to share your questions and doubts with me, if you have any.


Best regards,
Rémi Cans

Production Schedule
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